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dr strangelove
Shatter Heart

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A Hell of a Detour
bbc sherlock

A Hell of a Detour
by berrigan 
Crossover | Gen | G | 1800 words
A multifandom comedy for sexonwheels_67 's birthday. Implied slash pairings.

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point man

Got a call from imagine2inspire a few days ago, who needed help delivering her papers, and when it was all over and done, she said she'd repay me by drawing a picture for one of my stories. She pointedly added she wasn't adverse to drawing porn. So I asked her to draw two of my OCs when they get it on at the end of the story, and just by talking over the picture with her helped me sort out several key problems with the plot, relationship-wise.

Talking to her always gives me ideas, and there aren't many of my WIPs that she hasn't contributed to in some way, even if her contribution is just listening to me talk them over. She's a darling. <3

New books!
golden years
Wandered around Seattle's old school district today; full of vintage stores and book & record shops.

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I really hate youtube sometimes.
manuel the whipping boy
Why? Because here I am, trying to put together another batch of old music to send my friend, and I have just waded through nearly 14 pages of the search term "bob dylan knocking on heavens door" and found nothing but a few lives and a gajillion covers.

I listened to a few, out of curiousity, and just about had to stab my pen in my ear.


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